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This page is tricky… I’m not a big “Bio girl”. But having said that, It’s important for you to have a little insight into, well, I guess me.

I LOVE: twinkle lights, candlelit lanterns hanging at night, old people, young people, and in between people, but NOT mean people! I love antiquing, the desert, the beach, tan feet peeking out from faded blue jeans and COFFEE!

FAVORITE SMELL: Coffee, the ocean, sweaty little kids after they have been playing and maybe my all time fav…the desert after a rain storm.

FAVORITE SOUND: Easy, laughter and in a perfect world it is listening to the laughter of my grown children as they spend time together as young adults, there is no better laughter than that.

Another little known fact is that I have mad Mediumship skills, like really, I was born

Clairvoyant. I’m not weird, ooga booga, or airy fairy, just highly intuitive.

Actually, I do laundry, have three kids, spend my weekends antiquing, gardening and having dinner parties and living life exactly like you.

Up until two years ago, My day job was as a Medium, Chief Intuitive Officer for Entrepreneurs and High level executives in Corporate America, Author and Public Speaker. But after a huge crash and burn, I had a little come to Jesus with myself, I let the corporate work go (because it was killing my soul), I kept a handful of entrepreneurs and continue to do readings and mentor amazing people.

The “Dream Life Business Plan” has always been to build a bridge between the work I do professionally and the work that I can’t imagine not doing, Bohemia Ranch.

So what’s Bohemia Ranch?

I have combined my love for collecting vintage treasures, scouring flea markets, thrift stores and out of the way antique barns with a passion for seeing and creating beauty in all things. Now I have turned that passion into a wonderful experience and business for you.

Bohemia Ranch isn’t just about products and services, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle lived fully on your own terms created from that magical place inside of you that creates the world around you. I believe that everything is energy and the energy we emanate, creates our life experiences.

Well here we are standing on this bridge together, I am so glad that you are here with me.

Whether it is working with the spirit of who you are or creating a space for you to align the spirit of who you are with the things you love to manifest prosperity and abundance into all areas of your life.

It is all the same, it’s the energy of Love, Joy and a little Magical Badassery and I would love to work together.

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