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I love: twinkle lights, candlelit lanterns hanging at night, old people, young people, and in between people, but NOT mean people! I love old architecture, the desert, the beach, tan feet peeking out from faded blue jeans. I live for thrifting and flea markets, and I cannot exsist without the dark stuff, ya know, COFFEE!

Favorite Smell: The desert after a Monsoon storm. The Creosote comes alive and everything is magical.

Favorite Sound: Easy, my kids hysterically laughing (in a perfect world, with each other.)

Favorite Visual Experience: The sunrise over the desert reduces me to tears always and I mean 100% of the time.

So what’s Bohemia Ranch?

I have combined my love for collecting vintage treasures, scouring flea markets, thrift stores and out of the way antique barns with a passion for seeing and creating beauty in all things. Now I have turned that passion into a wonderful lifestyle and business for you, Bohemia Ranch isn’t just cool experiences and things, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle lived fully on your own terms created from that magical place inside of you that creates the world around you. We believe that everything is energy and the energy we eminate, creates our life experiences.

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