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Style Mentoring Series

Yes, It’s a Thing!!!!! Do you want to be good at this? Do it for a living maybe???

Do you want to walk into a store or forage flea markets and know if you are looking at something rare, valuable and really cool or you’re caught up in the moment and about to make a horrendous mistake?

I promise you that you are good at this, you just don’t trust yourself. There is an entire industry out there trying to keep you believing just that! Do you know that most people believe that unless they pay someone to tell them what looks good, it’s ugly or wrong?

DO NOT hire someone to tell you what you love, hire someone to unearth the magic in you that KNOWS what you love!

This series is comprised of 5 one hour sessions via phone, zoom or in person

Price: $1,500.00

Feng Shui Your Life for Financial Abundance

Feng shui means “The Art of Placement” and if you do it right, it brings the flow of abundance into your life at warp speed.

Feng shui does not mean Minimalistic Asian Design with waterfalls in weird places and bamboo everywhere. You can have French Flea Market Style or Mid Century Modern and master

Feng Shui for abundance in every single area in your life. I am living proof!

This consultation includes:

A 90 minute phone or zoom reading of both your Feng shui energy and your home’s.

An in depth report of what changes need to happen in both your personal energy as well as your home’s and a copy of the traditional Bagua map and how to create flow in your home for wealth and abundance.

A follow up call to help support and guide you in the process of this change.

Price: $600.00

Private Readings

Whether you want to book a personal reading or book what I like to call, “What the Hell is up with my house?” session.

You will be amazed at how much information you will come away with. These calls are up to 90 minutes and we cover the full spectrum of every thing that you have questions on and yes, a few spirits might come through (it’s really no big deal).

Through this work I have been able to help so many people and clear so many homes and business’. I would love to do this for you.

Price: $350.00

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