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In exactly 1 month, I will have lived in Northern California for exactly nine years, nine years!!!!! That doesn’t sound like a long time, but for me, I am almost a decade into my dream life and the life I have worked hard (no, actually it has been insanely easy) to create.

This old ranch house has been the home my three children have lived in the longest in their precious lives. These walls have seen laughter for days, first jobs, first kisses and first heartbreaks.  Our driveway houses four cars as opposed to the one it did when we moved in and in one short year, it will only house one car again, mine.

This little ranch house seems to be the place I grew up and became me. I should say it is where I grew into the comfort of who I really am and that takes a lot of growing up or maybe just becoming  the most honest version of myself. It is my refuge from a busy world and a soft place to land when days don’t go as planned.

When I moved here, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do for a living or even with my days, I just knew that the end result was to be completely happy.  My life was mine to create, my happiness was mine to create and the happiness of my children was something I was wildly committed to stewarding and guide them to create.

The only really important thing that mattered in that was the home we would live in while doing so.  Our homes are the bigger part of us, the extention of the collective energy that all live in the house. It absorbs our laughter, love and joy but also absorbs our anger, sadness and fear. The walls are literally alive with the predominate energy of what is going on, it’s wildly important to keep the energy positive and clean.

This ranch has had burst pipes, mice infestations, and a ghost or two, but it is happy and filled with a love that extends far beyond the foundation, walls or driveway. What we have created in this home has been intentional and on purpose and has worked.

One evening, after my son came home from college for winter break, I heard him say to his sisters, “The world isn’t like it is in our house, there is no where in the world like it is in our house. We are really lucky.”

I went to the bathroom and sobbed tears of happiness.  The truth is, love and happiness is all we really ever need.

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